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Brazil Visa Services

Visa and Passport Agency, Inc. is a non-government based service authorized by the Brazilian consulate to expedite Brazilian visas. We offer reasonable and competitive price, our regular visa service rate start from $99 on top of the consulate fee. Our service fees include visa specialists to help you with your application forms to avoid delays and the hassle of having to wait in line yourself. We are here to assist you in the easiest and quickest ways possible, and we serve nationwide! 
If you require Rush service for a Brazil Visa please feel free to contact our offices 1.800.381.3010 and speak to an visa specialist who can answer any remaining question.

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  • Brazil Tourist Visa

    Brazil Tourist Visa issued foreigners who enter Brazil temporarily for: Tourism, sightseeing, visit family/friend; Participation in athletic or artistic events or competition (no monetary prize or paid admission is involved); Participation in a scientific/academic seminar or conference sponsored by a research or academic institution (no monetary prize or paid admission is involved).

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  • Brazil Business Visa

    Brazil Business Visa (also known as VITEM -II) issued to foreigners who are invited to Brazil for: Business visit; Possess signed business contracts or visit companies or make commercial contacts; Participant/exhibitor in a trade/industrial show; Media coverage or film making; child adoption.

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  • Brazil Student Visa

    Brazil Student Visa (also known as VITEM IV) Issued to foreigners who enter Brazil for: Pursue graduate or post-graduate academic studies in Brazil.

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  • Brazil Work Visa

    Brazil Work Visa (also known as VITEM V) Issued to who foreigners who enter Brazil for: Under a contract or an international agreement to provide services to a Brazilian government agency or organization; Work for a corporation or other legal entity based in Brazil under a Brazilian ruled employment contract; Technical assistance services arising from a contract, cooperation agreement, services agreement, or similar instrument signed with a foreign corporation or other legal entity; Internship immediately following the conclusion of graduate or post-graduate studies; Foreign instructors or professors teaching English or another foreign language; Crew members and other oil/gas specialists provide services or operate in waters under Brazilian jurisdiction; Volunteering activities or community services.

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