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Instructions to China Work Visa



Valid Passport: You must send the actual passport. The passport must have at least twelve (12) months validity remaining before expiration and has at least one complete blank visa page for the visa stamp.

Note: The last three pages on the U.S. passport are not visa pages and are not acceptable. If your passport doesn't meet the requirement, click here to see our passport services.

Visa Application Form (Please Type - No Handwritten): Download, completely fill-out and sign China visa application form. One form per applicant. Click here to download PDF Application.

Do not leave any areas blank but instead write "N/A" if you don't have answer to a question, or if the question does not apply to you. Hand-written application forms ARE NOT accepted by Chinese Embassy/Consulates. You must TYPE your answers in our fillable pdf form.

Declaration Form: Click here to completely fill-out , print out, and sign declaration form, one per applicant.

Photograph: You must provide one 2"x2" passport type photo.

Visa Notification & Work Permit: Send your Visa Notification and Work Permit or Foreign Expert's License. Your employer in China should obtain the Visa Notification and Work Permit/Foreign Expert's License for you. The Chinese visa notification issued by the authorized Chinese unit, and a Work Permit for Foreigners issued by the Chinese Labor Ministry. The Foreign Expert's License issued by the Chinese Foreign Expert Bureau.

Ship Documents to:
Visa and Passport Agency, Inc.
9211 Sunset Dr. Suite 101 A
Miami FL 33173 -2366

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China Work Visa

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Chinese Embassy Fees not included.

Please pay by money order payable to Chinese Embassy, or pay by credit card by selecting one of the options below under the Embassy Fees section.

Embassy Fees vary according to Processing Time selected.

The Chinese Work Visa is Single Entry and has a validity up to 90 days.

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