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Instructions to Brazil E-Visa



Valid Passport: You must send the actual passport. The passport must be signed and have at least six (6) months validity remaining before expiration and at least two completely blank visa pages for the visa stamp. Click here if you need to add pages or other passport services.

Note: The last three pages of the passport are not visa pages and are not acceptable. If your passport doesn't meet the requirement, click here to see our passport services.

Visa Application: Click here to download the PDF Application.

You may click here to complete the application online instead.

Passport-type photograph: 1 You must provide two 2"x2".

  EMAIL Documents to:





Applicant must submit a scanned copy of their current, signed passport. 

The passport must have two (2) blank visa pages and be valid for at least six (6) months at the time of application and through the duration of the trip upon arrival (although six months past the date of exit from Brazil is highly advised to avoid issues upon entry).

Photo Requirement

Applicant must submit a digital, color, passport style photographs (2" x 2", a white background without shadows). The photos must be recent and should not be the same used for the passport itself (or previous eVisa request). The photo should be a high quality .jpg, .png, .pdf or similar format - .gif files will generally not meet the requirement. 

Note: The Brazilian Embassy will not accept visa photos if the applicant is wearing glasses.

IMPORTANT: The Brazil eVisa is being exceptionally stringent about HIGH PHOTO QUALITY including these very important aspects: 

1. Good lighting, no shadows, no bright spots.

2. White background. 

3. High Resolution, high-quality photo. 

4. Both EARS showing in a photo, so if you have long hair, it needs to be pinned back so both ears are showing. 

5. No scarves obstructing the neck area.

6. Photo must be very sharp, not blurry, and at least 600x600 pixels in size.

Minor Children

If applying for a Brazilian eVisa for a minor child, you must have submitted electronic copies of the following documents:

1. Names of One (Sole Custody) / Both (Shared Custody) Parents/Legal Guardians. 

2. Passport-style Photo of One (Sole Custody) / Both (Shared Custody) Parents/Legal Guardians. 

3. A scan of Passport Bio/Signature Page of One (Sole Custody) / Both (Shared Custody) Parents/Legal Guardians. 

4. Authorization Letter to Travel signed by One (Sole Custody) / Both (Shared Custody) Parents/Legal Guardians. 

5. A scan of Birth Certificate of the Child.


Select Visa Service

Please select one of the following visa/service options:

Multiple entries for 2 years 
Processing time        Embassy fee                 Vapa Fee
15 days                      $46.00                           $ 59.00
12 days                      $46.00                           $ 89.00
10 days                      $46.00                           $129.00
Note: Processing times are quoted in business days

Note: Processing times are estimates based on government publications and observed processing times

Note: Embassy fees may change without notice; order placement does not guarantee embassy fee


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Brazil E-Visa

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Brazilian Consulate Fees of $46.00 not included.
Visa Valid: Multiple Entry for two years.

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